Apartment Academy

The Benefits of Apartment Academy Membership

Join the Apartment Academy & your property staff can attend as many classes within the academy as they wish. That is 50 hours of training per year at your disposal. The Academy brings national speakers & published professionals from our industry to you! We offer two convenient delivery formats that include in person & live webinars


  • Training has been proven to improve your bottom line because staff members with more knowledge tend to make better choices.
  • Our industry is continuously changing and up-to-date information is an important key to success and fiduciary responsibility.
  • Training fosters new ideas, new trains of thought and the ability and desire to think outside the norm.
  • Training builds confidence and self esteem that caries into work and personal lives.
  • Continuous training keeps staff members engaged in their daily business activities.
  • Attending training provides a boost of renewed zeal to tackle those difficult situations.
  • The Academy brings a wealth of knowledge on numerous industry specific topics.
  • The opportunity for students to glean information from professional speakers/presenters from around the country.
  • The 10% discount on many other AAGD classes including credential courses.
  • The ability for small companies without a training department to provide a comprehensive program and the ability for companies with a training department to supplement their own programs.

The Apartment Academy can be paid annually or per month per property based on number of units. Each property can send as many employees to as many of the Academy classes as they wish throughout the year. In person classes are held at the AAGD training center and live webinars are held via internet and phone access. See class sections on this website for more class details dates and descriptions.

We welcome our supplier partner to participate in the Student Sponsor membership for $1,050 a year or $200 per month. With the Student Sponsor membership you will receive promo codes to give to your VIP clients to attend free training seminars. For more information contact the Education Department. 

Download the enrollment form to join!