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Addressing the unique needs of rental property owners who self manage.

IRO Operators wear many hats and often require a broader skillset than the larger properties with dedicated skilled staff for each and every position.
Main Characteristics of Independent Rental Owners (IRO)
• They have their own money invested in the property (with or without partners) Multi-family OR Single Family
• They are actively involved in the management of their properties

IRO events are typically geared to help the smaller operators which tend to make up the majority of the group. These events help to:
• Advance your knowledge in trending topics affecting the industry—including current legislative issues and operational best practices.
• Expand your network of fellow independent owners to allow for greater communication and information flow.

Use the IRO-friendly Supplier logos in the Buyers Guide to find your next supplier! These suppliers are equally comfortable servicing and supplying products for just one single family rental property as they are the mega-unit communities.

For more information contact: Gene Kriska, Director of Business Development / 972-739-9516 or GKRISKA@AAGDALLAS.COM

2018-2019 Officers and Directors


Jennifer Holub / The Tangent Group / Chairperson

Patrice Jefferson / Southeast Dallas Management / Vice-Chairperson

Lance Ferrell / Second Vice-Chairperson

Kevin Chalmers - Legacy REI

David Veeder / Texasplex Rental / Past Chairperson


Karen Burkholder / Burkholder Properties

Hailey Gatlin / Dominus Properties LLC

Teri Gilblair / Lifestyles Unlimited

Charles Ho / ABCDE Realty

Karl Johnson 

Supriya Sriraman / Redbrix