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What is the PAC?

The President’s Advocacy Circle is a group of apartment industry professionals who understand the importance of having political influence in state and local affairs, and who are willing to make a financial commitment to ensure those efforts continue. A strong PAC allows the AAGD to meet with elected officials, attend their events, and build relationships that will be beneficial in the future. We are soliciting annual personal pledges to support our legislative efforts.

Learn more: AAGD PAC - The Role of a PAC in Advocacy  &  The Battle Over Source of Income Ordinances

Presidents Advocacy Brochure

For more information, contact: Jason Simon, Government Affairs Manager / 972-739-9505 or

Thanks to our 2016 President’s Advocacy Circle Donors:


Jeff Barnes
Stephen Barnes
Diana Beck
Paul Brown
Wes Bruce
Camp Construction Service
Jerry Carlton
Bill Chinners
Mike Clark
Classic Same Day Blinds, LLC
Dave Cossu
John Cullens
Peggy Daly
Tommy Dodd
Rick Graf
Matthew Haines & Jennifer Holub
Charles Ho
Rich Kelly
Chris Lee
Jeffrey Levitt
Tim Mathwig
Ian Mattingly
Jim Mattingly
Barbara Middlebrook
Lee Raphael
Laura Reese-Williams
Cindi Scoggins
Robert Thurgood
Suan Tinsley
Rick Tuzinski
Jann Villanueva
Tina White
Scott Wilder
Anthony Wonderly


Ronald Akin
Lori Bush
Leah Christian
Janie Clinkscales
David Cohenour
Mark Copeland
Matthew Cox
Bill Crepeau
Ed Ducoff
Bob Duff
Danny Krengel
Steve Lamberti
Kendall Laughlin
David Marcinkowski
Char McCurdy
Jennifer Owen
Jay Parmelee
Kimberly Radaker
Randy Rew
Pierre Rouly
Kimberly Sims
Steve Thurber
Robert Tinning
Cara Tulafuse


Julian Alexander
Jorge Baldor
Larry Cano
Tony Comparin
Jeff Duerstock
Teri Gilblair
Gerry Henigsman
John LeBeau
Gary Mann
Susan O'Brien-Garner
Angi Pusateri
Toni Rials
Ron Shelton
Donna Summers
David Veeder
Dawn Waye
Brad Williams

ADVOCATES - $250 +

Amy Alvarez
Alexis Carreiro
Hugh Cobb
Kim Ferrell
Evan Griffiths
Matthew Jones
Sherry Jordan
Nikki Jorski
Rupa Keskar
Luanne McNulty
George Nassif
Joe Smith
T.E.A.M. Asset Mgmt, LLC
Karen Tepera
Jessica Vo
Emily Watson
Frank Wood
Scott Young