Leadership Lyceum


In 2010, the AAGD Board of Directors approved the development and implementation of the AAGD Leadership Lyceum Program. Patterned after the National Apartment Association Program, the Leadership Lyceum is designed to inspire and develop a diverse, high caliber, well-informed group of industry professionals who will form the foundation for AAGD’s future volunteer leaders. The annual session begins in April and candidates for the program are encouraged to submit their applications by March.

Program Objective

The Leadership Lyceum Program helps AAGD identify and develop a well-informed and highly motivated group of emerging multifamily housing leaders - people with a broad-based vision for, and strong commitment to the mission and strategic objectives of the association. The candidates are selected annually by the Leadership Lyceum Task Force.

Program Summary

  1. The AAGD Leadership Lyceum invites owner/manager applicants from member companies to submit applications for individuals in their company who exhibit leadership qualities and who are interested in becoming part of AAGD’s current and future leadership. Only one applicant per owner/manager Company will be admitted at a time. There is a maximum of five owner/manager individuals chosen for each annual program. One Product and Service member is eligible to join the class and is nominated by the AAGD Product & Service Council. One Echo member is also eligible and is nominated by the Echo Executive Committee.
  2. The program is conducted annually over three days during the months of April and May, with each session targeting an in-depth look at the structure, programs and future of AAGD. There is no cost involved with the program. The sessions are conducted at least two weeks apart, usually on Fridays. The first session is scheduled for April and the remaining two will be set based on the participants’ schedule. There will be no make-up sessions and participants who miss a session must wait until the next year to make that up.
  3. The Lyceum Program will rely heavily on the input and participation of current and past AAGD leaders. Outside experts will be included, such as marketing specialists, elected officials, and community leaders. Attendance at outside events, e.g. City Council Meetings or community service events will be part of the requirements of the program, as well as attending certain AAGD activities such as Board and Legislative Committee meetings. Graduates of the Lyceum program are recognized at the annual Installation Dinner in June.

The AAGD Board of Directors encourages our owner/manager and vendor members to review their organization and identify company personnel who are potential leaders for our association and who have a genuine interest in pursuing an association leadership role. Again, the deadline for applications is February 1. If you whave any questions, email Denise Bardwell or call her at 972-739-9502.