AAGD PAC - Protecting Our Industry

The purpose of AAGD PAC is to support candidates for political office by collecting voluntary contributions from AAGD members. AAGD PAC contributes to candidates of both parties who support the multifamily industry, and our Legislative Committee makes decisions to support elected officials based on a number of criteria.  

AAGD PAC is a non-partisan entity that supports political candidates who represent good government and understand the needs and concerns of the apartment housing industry.

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Help AAGD and the AAGD PAC help you by representing your interests in the political arena. We raise funds to identify and support candidates and causes we believe will be in the best interests of AAGD and its members. The PAC may accept payments from individuals or any entity that is not a corporation.

Texas law does not allow payments from corporations to be used for political contributions. Therefore, contributions from corporations will go to AAGD’s Better Government Fund to support administrative costs and other allowed purposes for AAGD’s support of the PAC. No corporation checks may be made payable to the PAC.

The success of the PAC in representing your interests depends upon your financial support. Members are free to contribute more, less, or nothing at all without reprisal. Foreign nationals may not contribute. Contributions are not tax-deductible. The AAGD PAC is a general-purpose political committee registered with the Texas Ethics Commission. We comply with the Texas Ethics Commission rules for PACs. 

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*All PAC donations must be Personal, LLC, or Partnership contributions