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Important City Council Meeting in Garland

Meeting to Discuss Water/Wastewater Rate Increase for Apartments

On Tuesday, December 18, the City of Garland will be hosting a public hearing on a water/wastewater rate increase for apartments. The meeting will be at Garland City Hall beginning at 7:00 p.m. The address is 200 North Fifth Street, Garland, 75040.

When the city passed their budget in October, they made a change in water/wastewater billing for apartments. This change will increase water/wastewater rates to $31.60 per unit, and it is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2019.

This is a significant rate increase for your properties and your residents, and it hurts our ability to provide quality affordable housing in Garland.

We need to urge the city council to delay implementation of this rate increase and reduce the amount of the increase at the meeting tomorrow.

If you or your residents can attend Tuesday’s meeting, you need to fill out a speaker card.  Speaker cards are located just outside council chambers. If you plan to speak, please complete the card and return to the city secretary prior to the meeting. Comments may be limited to three minutes per speaker.

You can also fill out a card in support of the items, if you do not wish to speak. If you are filling out a card, there is a place to check “Yes” or “No.” You need to check “Yes” on Items 8 and 9.

You may also write “support reduction” for Item 8, and “support delay/reduction” on Item 9. The mayor will read into the record the number of cards she has received for and against the rate increase, so it’s important that we attend and fill out a card.

The city council will pay attention to how many individuals either speak or fill out a card saying they are opposed to this rate increase. You do not have to be a resident of Garland to speak or fill out a card, but it helps if you are a resident.

Please click here for the city council meeting agenda (Items 8 & 9 are on page 4).

It is important that we make our voices heard tomorrow night. The city council needs to hear from us about the negative impact this will have on housing providers and apartment residents in Garland. 

 AAGD staff will be attending the meeting on behalf of the industry. Please contact us at 972-739-9505 or jsimon@aagdallas.com if you have any questions.