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“We’re Building for the Future”
AAGD Membership Drive
October 1st through November 30th

What is the AAGD Membership Drive?
The AAGD Membership Drive “We’re Building for the Future” is the search and recruitment of individuals and their companies that provide professional services and quality products to the multifamily and rental property owners and management companies. In addition, the Membership Committee will be contacting apartment communities in the AAGD area that are not currently members and encourage them to join.

The 2018-2019 Membership Committee Co-Chairs is Darnell Harris, Lincoln Property Company and Laura Reese-Williams, ALN Apartment Data, Inc.

Everyone that is a current member of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas should participate in the 2018 AAGD Membership Drive. New members are the “lifeblood” of the Association. New members bring new ideas to the Association, they give additional financial support, they sponsor membership events and seminars, and they volunteer and serve committees. The AAGD will not continue to grow without new members!

Individual Recruiters: You Connect – You Score!

1 new member = $50.00
3 new members = $175.00
5 new members = $400.00
8 new members = $600.00
10 new members = $1250.00

Your Team Connects – You Score Big Time!
Top Recruiting Team = $1500.00
Second Place Team = $ 750.00
Third Place Team= $ 500.00

Just like any business, the AAGD thrives on growth. As the Association's network of dedicated members expands, so does its reach to effect positive change in the Greater Dallas rental communities.

AAGD offers a wide variety of member services to enhance the industry's professionalism and to increase the marketability of the members. General membership meetings, the annual trade show, standardized lease forms and contracts, and market information are just a few of the services AAGD offers.

Have a question? Call Gene Kriska, Director of Business Development (972) 739-9516 


Owner Management Companies:

An individual or company who is a rental or apartment property owner/operator, builder and/or developer or fee manager of rental units. Our members operate in one of the 11 county areas we service. Counties include: Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Rockwall


Base annual Membership Dues: $197.00

Determine total number of units and multiply times the unit assessment amount:

Add Unit Assessments: (total of all units)

  • 0-100 units: $ 1.65 per unit
  • 101-200 units: $ 1.75 per unit 
  • 201-2000 units: $ 1.95 per unit 
  • 2001-3000 units: $ 1.75 per unit
  • 3001-4000 units: $ 1.65 per unit
  • 4001-5000 units: $ 1.55 per unit
  • 5001 + units: $ 1.40 per unit

Add one-time annual processing fee: $25.00

(Example: 84 units X $1.65 per unit = $138.60 + $197.00 + $25.00 = $360.60)

Products & Services Members

A vendor or supplier of goods and / or services to the multifamily industry.

$410.00 Annual Fee + $25.00 Processing Fee = $435.00 

Patron Members:
$1200.00 annually
A supplier member that receives additional recognition monthly in the Rooflines magazine. 

Education Foundation Contributions:
Contribution of any amount

Sustaining Members:
Owner Management Annual Dues (listed above) + $1,000.00
An owner or management company that receives additional recognition monthly in the Rooflines magazine.

Call Member Services at 972-739-9516 for questions or additional information.