Owner & Management Members

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS and Continuing Education including the New Apartment Academy.
  • ► AAGD, TAA and NAA  monitor city, state and federal legislation and regulatory issues, ensuring that your views as a rental housing owner are considered. 
  • ► Updated legal and regulatory information that affects your everyday operations. 
  • MEMBERSHIP EVENTS, conferences and trade shows where you can learn with your colleagues, seek out new products and solutions and build your professional network. 
  • ► Publications reporting on industry trends, legal issues and property management strategies 
  • ► TAA'S REDBOOK containing state and federal statutes and governmental rules, which affect all rental housing in Texas, regardless of the size of the dwelling or the private or public nature of the owner. Available to purchase $115 plus S/H (members) $175 plus S/H (non-members) or online for $100. 
  • ► STANDARD LEASE FORMS & CONTRACTSThe most comprehensive leases available in the industry for a minimal fee and only available to members, along with over 30 different forms. These forms are available for an additional cost. 
  • ► TAA CLICK & LEASE: Allows TAA members to create, edit, save and print the official TAA lease and REDBOOK forms quickly and easily. This Web-based software features time-saving tools designed to make your business more productive and profitable. An annual subscription is available for as low as $100. 
  • ► AAGD Online DIRECTORY & BUYER'S GUIDE: This is the primary reference source used by rental property personnel to contact AAGD supplier members for quality products and professional services. 
  • COMPENSATION & BENEFITS REPORT: Survey of compensation and benefits offered to personnel in the Dallas/Fort Worth apartment industry.


Base annual Membership Dues: $197.00

Determine total number of units and multiply times the unit assessment amount:

Add Unit Assessments: (total of all units)

  • 0-100 units: $ 1.65 per unit
  • 101-200 units: $ 1.75 per unit 
  • 201-2000 units: $ 1.95 per unit 
  • 2001-3000 units: $ 1.75 per unit
  • 3001-4000 units: $ 1.65 per unit
  • 4001-5000 units: $ 1.55 per unit
  • 5001 + units: $ 1.40 per unit

Add one-time annual processing fee: $25.00

(Example: 84 units X $1.65 per unit = $138.60 + $197.00 + $25.00 = $360.60)

Call Member Services at 972-739-9516 for questions or additional information.